Benefits of B2B Travel Booking Software

Benefits of B2B Travel Booking Software
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For travel agencies with B2B operations, eg. Large travel firms, suppliers and tour operators, managing their network of sub-agents poses a huge challenge, especially if the agents are spread over multiple geographies.

Many B2B Firms still use excel – sheets or outdated tools to run their business, which results in inefficiency, errors, delays, lost sales opportunities – all of which negatively hit their bottom line!

However, with sophisticated B2B Reservation Systems, they can run their operations far more smoothly and maximize their revenue potential.

To Highlight the Value of a B2B System

Challenges Facing B2B Firms

  • Limited rich & distribution due to lack of an online system
  • Difficulty in tracking agent reservation & commissions owed
  • Lost revenue management opportunities due to lack of segmentation
  • Communication hassles in responding to agent inquires about products, rates and availability
  • Dwindling agent loyalty and engagement

How B2B Software Solves These Problems

Wilder Inventory Distribution

  • Provides Sub agents an interface to search and book your live inventory on behalf of there customers
  • It also provides down-line agents B2C portals with their own branding to enhance customer experience
  • Reduces communication hassles between the master agency and sub agents for reservations

Better Pricing and Revenue Management

  • Ability to setup markups & commissions for all your down-line agents from a single interface
  • Ability to segment your agents and assign country-wise and agent class-wise markups
  • Ability to configure deals and promo codes to drive higher loyalty among agents

Efficient Agent Credit Management

  • Allows you to configure credit limits & deposits for your sub agents
  • Ability to recharge the agent credit balance of the systems itself
  • Ability to set minimum balance limits for agents and send email reminders in case of low balance

Tighter User Role & Privacy Management

  • Allows you to provide role based access to different agents
  • Ensures strict data privacy as users see only what you want them to see

Accurate Tracking and Analysis

  • Simplifies agent performance tracking through in-depth BI report
  • Gives you reservation reports by agent, region, suppliers, products etc.
  • Tells you exactly how much commission you need to pay your agents

helloGTX powered by Catabatic Technology provides a powerful online B2B system with all the features mentioned above. It has helped many of our B2B customers experience ROI of up to 300% and helped them become distribution powerhouses.

So if you’re a B2B travel company looking to take your business to the next level, schedule a demo of our B2B system with one of our sales consultants today. Web: | | Mail: | | Mob: 09811192312

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