Major Benefits of XML & API Integration For Your Travel Business

Major Benefits of XML & API Integration For Your Travel Business
14/04/2021 No Comments Travel CRM Gaurav

For Travel Industry, Travel API Integration is gaining significance for all the right reasons. We know that running a successful traveling business is not a cakewalk. Especially, when there’s a lot of cut-throat competition in the market, it’s not easy to keep your traveling business unaffected in such unprecedented times. It is essential for every traveling company to keep their technological solutions up-to-date so that they can thrive despite the mad competition and unfavorable business environment and don’t end up losing on their existing customers. A B2B Travel Portal is always incomplete without a solid and reliable Travel API Integration. A Travel API Integration is same as any other API and it needs to be integrated in any web or mobile applications to facilitate the process of live bookings and inventories. It helps in getting the live inventories for flight, hotel, car, cruise, transfers, activities etc. with the help of a travel API, users can easily book all these aforementioned services from their laptops, web or mobile applications. If you’re looking for more viable, smart and fully customizable solutions to deliver high-tech and world-class services to your clients with more precision, accuracy and swiftness then say ‘hello’ to helloGTX and get your Travel API integrated for your business today.

If you still think that your traveling company might not need XML/Travel API Integration then this blog will compel you to rethink your business strategies. This blog will help you understand how Travel API Integration can be beneficial for your business in the long run. Let’s understand the collective benefits of Travel API Integration for your Travel Company and how it helps.

Major Benefits of using Travel API Integration

  • API Integration is one of the major custom developments in travel technology. It simplifies the access and connection with thousand of airlines, hotels, buses, and other significant travel content across the world. It also enables to integrate and complement your existing travel offerings, in fact this tool is much crucial to integrate the whole travel industry.
  • The heart of the travel company’s business lies in the pack of services such as hotel booking, flight booking, itinerary booking, train/bus reservation, and so much more. API Integration plays a pivotal role here. It efficiently integrates all these services at one place so that maximum number of your clients can be benefitted out of this and at the same time, your business can earn new clients too.
  • It simplifies the real time search data. XML API Integration is the tool that facilitates the functionality of the search option. Say, if you want to look for a resort or a tourist hotspot that is not highlighted in the tour package catalogue provided by the company on their webpage. So, to track that hotel or location on the website, you have to go to the searchbar or finder. This feature is also enabled and facilitated by Travel API. This software solution helps in decoding the search and providing the relevant customer search data to the service provider through the travel portal.
  • As per the need and desire of the traveler/customer, it displays the various search options for them so that traveler/customer has got a lot of options to pick from and then it chooses the one they desire the utmost. This way, customer feels at ease and they want to come back to your portal again to get the services as customer only sticks to that company or business for longer which not only helps in providing an incredible solution to their existing problem but also offers them much desired convenience, flexibility and simplified approach to their bookings and enquiries and we at helloGTX successfully ensures in providing smarter, simplified, and prompt travel technological solutions for your traveling business that makes your business grow with increased ROI and improved conversion rate.
  • This ensures that every time a potential or an existing customer is visiting your travel website, they are getting better services on your part that clearly results in them getting the favourable deal they were expecting. Hence, resulting in higher conversion rate for your business. That ensures that both the customer as well as service provider is at proven advantage here. As the travel agent, you and your business gets to reap the benefits due to increased traffic on your website and traveler/customer gets the desired deal.

Now, you know why your traveling business must have XML/API integration and how it aids and benefits your business in the long run. Get in touch with us today for your free personalized demo and decide yourself.

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