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Tag: Travel Software

How B2B Travel Portal Helps To Succeed in Online Travel Business?
Image 11/04/2022 Travel CRM Gaurav

One should have the travel website development company to set up a hearty online booking platform. Deeply, an execution group for client interface and should have a fast to go market approach. Numerous agents advertise bargains on their booking platforms and afterward advance them. In the present cutthroat period everybody have great arrangements to sell

Benefits of B2B Travel Booking Software
Image 07/07/2021 Travel CRM Gaurav

For travel agencies with B2B operations, eg. Large travel firms, suppliers and tour operators, managing their network of sub-agents poses a huge challenge, especially if the agents are spread over multiple geographies. Many B2B Firms still use excel – sheets or outdated tools to run their business, which results in inefficiency, errors, delays, lost sales

Some Handy Points Keep in Mind While Starting a New Travel Company in Covid Era
Image 14/04/2021 Travel CRM Gaurav

Some Handy Points That You Must Keep In Mind While Starting Out a New Travel Company in the Post Covid Era Looking forward to start a new travel company during the unprecedented times such as this pandemic? We all are quite familiar with the fact that travel & tourism industry was hit the hardest in

How to Find the Best Tour & Travel Software Solutions for Your Tourism Company in the Year 2021?
Image 25/02/2021 Travel CRM Gaurav

Do you know this year is anticipated to bring massive change and growth for Travel & Tourism businesses in general? We all know that changes are what define our lives and being adaptable to changes is what makes us grow. We can’t grow if we keep escaping the need for change. This might sound a

Why Travel CRM is The Most Important Tool to Have for Any Travel Company in the Year 2021?
Image 25/02/2021 Sales,Travel CRM Gaurav

The year 2021 is anticipated to be the most crucial year for travel and tourism Industry. As people are gradually opening up to the possibility of going out and exploring new opportunities to travel, there comes absolutely no surprise that this is the high time for companies to plan, strategize and act towards achieving the

Travel Itinerary Management Software
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The system comprises a Web site creation tool called Web Builder that may quickly create a simple Web website. So, you’ve decided to set a CRM system in place for your trip agency. Travel CRM systems have segmentation capabilities that may be helpful in your advertising and marketing efforts. You may be offering only FITs

It’s Golden Time to Grow Your Business. Take Pride in What You DO !
Image 15/06/2019 Sales,Travel CRM Gaurav

“We are in the business of tour and travel’. The greatest challenges we face in our business are the technology, OTA’s and the kind of choices available to the customer on internet. I think, this business is at the end of its life now. Technology is changing so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep

Why Travel CRM?
Image 01/03/2019 Travel CRM Gaurav

In this age of digitization travel agencies way of working has changed drastically. A Travel agent need to understand that he is not selling hotels, flights, transport sight seeings any more, as now a days all these things are being sold by OTAs. A travel agents job has become so time consuming now a days