Travel Itinerary Management Software

Travel Itinerary Management Software
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The system comprises a Web site creation tool called Web Builder that may quickly create a simple Web website. So, you’ve decided to set a CRM system in place for your trip agency. Travel CRM systems have segmentation capabilities that may be helpful in your advertising and marketing efforts.

You may be offering only FITs right now, but as your company grows, you are more inclined to provide fixed departures. Most businesses today use various software for assorted areas of their company. Concur Small Business is an expense management solution that’s made for the little and medium-sized small business market.

In the event the system doesn’t recognize the exact same stipulations, often it creates unnecessary confusions and hampers clarity. Customizing the system with industry particular terms will merely allow it to be simpler to use. Moreover, it should be easy enough to scale, as your business grows. Back office techniques possess the excess functionality required for more successfully and efficiently running your company operations. A back office system contains the software a provider uses to administer the on-line portal.

Our Travel CRM software can help you manage your customer and company relationships by providing one central location, that’s tailored to fit all of your unique small and big business requirements. It brings in long term benefits that over-weigh the small cost you have to pay in order to avail our service. To make certain you locate the most useful and productive Accounting Software for your firm, you want to compare products on the marketplace.

How Our Travel CRM Can Help You

Approximate Return on Investment from a Travel CRM

  • Optimize lead conversion rates
  • Minimize sales cycle time span
  • Increase client retention
  • Revenue growth per travel agent
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Reduce sales & marketing costs

CRM for Travel Industry: Businesses in the Travel Industry our CRM is applicable for

  • Meetings Incentives Conference & Exhibitions (MICE) Travel Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies that undertake MICE
  • Travel Agents
  • Upscale Luxury Hotels & Hotel Chains
  • B&B Hotels (Bed & Breakfast Hotels)
  • Boutique Tour Operators
  • Historic inns and Boutique Hotels
  • Boutique Hotel Chains
  • Business Hotels
  • Full Service Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Fixed Tour Operators / Agents
  • Convention and Conference Hotels
  • Customized Tour Operators / Agents
  • Hotel Chains
  • Leisure Centers
  • Luxury Travel Agencies
  • Motels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Other specialty Hotels & Hotel Franchisee
  • Other businesses in the Travel industry

In case, your business type is not listed above please contact our Solution Architect to know if our Travel CRM can address your business needs.

Contact us for any information of Travel CRM. We are here:

Benefits of Travel Itinerary Management CRM

  • Add multiple countries, cities, excursions and destination details.
  • Know your profit margin from Hotel, transport, etc.
  • Manage multiple leads.
  • Easily manage agents and the concerned contact persons.
  • Add more hotels & tariff details.
  • Add vehicle details of transport suppliers.
  • Add or manage invoices, debit & Credit notes.

Things that you can do in travel itinerary management CRM.

Masters Module:

  • You can add & view Countries related itineraries.
  • You can modify & delete a Country Easily.
  • You can add, view, edit & delete a State & City & it’s respective state code.
  • You can add transfer details of destinations with descriptions.
  • You can view the active & inactive transfer.
  • You can modify & deactivate transfers.
  • You can view all the active & inactive transfer details with their tariffs and add on prices.
  • You can specify a tariff rate according to the city, transfer type & transport supplier by uploading excels sheets.
  • You can also modify & deactivate transfer tariffs from the list.
  • You can add Transfer Add ons & edit them through the List Transfer Module.

Client Module:

  • You can add multiple clients and specify their respective basic information, passport number, nationality, etc.
  • You can do a quick search of a client’s information through a keyword, the client name, nationality, etc.
  • You can view & edit details of all your clients added in the CRM system.

Agent Module:

  • You can add many agents and their contact & residence information.
  • You can view & edit details of agents added in your crm system and also know the concerned contact person for each agent.
  • You can do a quick search for a filtered view of agents’ details through a keyword, agent name, etc.

Hotel Module:

  • You can add and manage details of multiple hotels and specify their star rating.
  • You can assign a contact person at respective hotels with their designation & contact details.
  • You can add photographs of hotels with descriptions attach a contract file and specify the start & end dates.
  • You can view details of all the hotels added and their respective booking details.
  • You can know & modify the hotel, check-in & out timings, contact person & credit facility status.
  • You can do a quick search to view hotel details via a keyword, hotel name, star rating, etc.
  • You can upload a tariff sheet with details of the respective hotel & rate type i.e. Net / Rack.
  • You can view & edit the hotel, booking, package, room and tariff details of all the hotels added in the system.
  • You can find details of a particular hotel by Hotel name, city, star rating, etc.
  • You can add, view, modify & deactivate many tax rates for multiple hotels.

Transport Module:

  • You can add multiple transport suppliers and their basic details.
  • You can give a Transport Supplier Code No.
  • You can specify contact details of the contact person for each transport supplier.
  • You can view & edit all the Transport Supplier details.
  • You can do a quick search of transport supplier details.
  • You can add details of vehicles & specify their seating capacity.
  • You can view & edit the vehicles added & know their seating details.
  • You can add transport taxes for Transport suppliers.
  • You can view all the taxes added for different Transport suppliers.
  • You can also edit & deactivate transport taxes.
  • You can do a quick search of Transport Tariff Tax.

Guide Module:

  • You can add details of many guides & specify details of their hours engaged, language allowance, etc.
  • You can categorize guides for respective tour packages.
  • You can view all the active and inactive guide details & know the amount to be paid to the guide.
  • You can modify guide details.

Itinerary Module:

  • You can create itineraries in two steps.
  • You can specify the no. of adults and children and know the agent type involved.
  • You can add client transfer, sightseeing cities and excursion details.
  • You can view all the itineraries & know details like their itinerary no., transfer, packages, arrival and stay details.
  • You can also know the hotel, costing & invoice details.
  • You can do a quick search to see the respective client’s itinerary.
  • You can edit, finalize or Create versions of an itinerary.

Costing Module:

  • You can view all the invoices created for your clients with the dates and invoice type.
  • You can view & delete all the debit notes and other related transaction details.
  • You can view & delete the credit notes & their details.
  • You can view & edit the service tax details.
  • You can add service tax details for Hotel charges, Transport charges, etc.


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