Why Travel CRM?

Why Travel CRM?
01/03/2019 No Comments Travel CRM Gaurav
In this age of digitization travel agencies way of working has changed drastically. A Travel agent need to understand that he is not selling hotels, flights, transport sight seeings any more, as now a days all these things are being sold by OTAs.

A travel agents job has become so time consuming now a days whereas profit margins has gone down. Below are the top 7 challenges faced by a travel agent:

  1. Expensive Lead Cost
  2. Low Conversions
  3. Price Sensitive Market
  4. Lead Monitoring & Follow Ups
  5. Customer Retention/ Repeat Business
  6. Trained Resources
  7. Itinerary Creation

A good Travel CRM can easily solve these problems but before finalizing a Travel CRM one has to identify their own needs. Many travel software are available in the market but very few good travel CRM tools are available. Agents needs to understand difference in Travel CRM and Other operations like Finance or Operations as both are different software and required by different teams.

A travel agency have better chances of becoming successful if they build profitable long-term relationships with their customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) takes on this role of helping business achieve their goal by combining best practices and technology.

In this article we are evaluating a Travel CRM that is recommended by ADTOI (Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India) recently.

Product Name: helloGTX

Parent Company: Catabatic Technology Pvt Ltd
Company Background: Catabatic is known for its innovative business automation software that helps many corporate and start ups to reduce resource operational costs. Few of the clients of Catabatic are companies like Religare Group (Insurance & Housing Loan), PepsiCo, RB, DCB Bank.

Product Strength:

  • Easy to use
  • Lead to Proposal – Within 2 minutes
  • Customer Profiling
  • Share Itineraries on Whatsapp and SMS
  • Manage Website with package bookings
  • Ready content for 5 lac + hotels and 5000 + sight seeings with images & Geo locations
  • Strong Marketing Modules
  • Create Dynamic Landing Page in few minutes
  • Create Travel e mailers
  • No User based pricing but Usage based pricing

Product Screenshots:

Itinerary Creation
Itinerary Travel CRM
travel emailer
Travel E mailer Design
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